The Endo Army 176 Million and Counting

Good Morning Kix Country!

Usually our blog posts are about something we talked about today. And while we did cover some great stuff on The Morning Kix Start this morning, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about tomorrow’s show.

Joining us in the studio tomorrow is a local woman who has taken on a very personal and important mission. Her name is Moon Chaplin and she is making a documentary about endometriosis. It is a condition that affects millions of women around the world and is often under treated and under diagnosed.

She and filmmaker Bo Becker will be joining us at 7:45 tomorrow to tell us more about endometriosis and about the incredible journey of making this documentary. It should be a very interesting talk and we hope you will join us to hear more about it. If you would like to get a head start on the information you can visit their Facebook page to read some of the stories that will be shared in the film.

Have a great day. I will talk to you in the morning!